Medical Image Solutions

Diagnostics imaging powered by Deep Learning algorithm


Drug discovery research with
Deep Learning algorithms
for images and graphs

Artificial General Intelligence

R&D on language acquisition AI with Deep Learning algorithms (linguistics, reinforcement learning, graphs and images)

Quantum computing

Cryptography research

  • R&D, marketing and manufacturing of Computer Aided Detection/Diagnosis (CAD) and image segmentation programs
  • R&D, marketing and manufacturing of image conversion and processing technologies for modalities such as CT and MRI
  • Discovery of new molecular entities and peptides with 3D Deep Learning and MCMC
  • Pathology analysis with graph convolution
  • Translation of undeciphered writing systems
  • Conversation with animals
  • Cryptography R&D for real-world application of quantum computing


Plus.Lung.Nodule is a SaMD that aids radiologists to detect and characterize lung nodules in interpreting thoracic CT scans.