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Plusman LLC (hereinafter referred to as” the Company “) determines the handling of personal information received from you as follows.

1. Basic policy on personal information protection

Our employees and all employees recognize the importance of personal information obtained through business activities of our company, strive to protect and properly handle personal information handled in business, and prevent unauthorized access, loss and leakage We will do our best to secure personal information.

2. Acquisition of personal information

We acquire personal information by lawful and fair means. In addition, when receiving data including personal information from a third party, we will confirm that the process of obtaining the third party is legal and then receive it.

3. Use of personal information

The Company will use the personal information acquired by the Company within the scope of the purpose of use notified at the time of acquisition and the following purposes, as long as necessary for the execution of business. If you use personal information for any purpose other than these purposes, we will do so after obtaining your consent in advance.

(1) Regarding personal information regarding doctors, medical radiologists, clinical technologists, other medical personnel, and hospital / clinic personnel, the quality and safety of the products handled by the Company (hereinafter collectively referred to as “medical devices, etc.”) Or, we will use it only for the purpose of providing, collecting, examining and transmitting information on effectiveness, guiding new products, and guiding maintenance of medical devices used at the delivery destination.

(2) Collection and examination of information on the quality, safety, or effectiveness of medical equipment, etc. regarding personal information belonging to companies such as medical equipment manufacturing, manufacturing and sales, sales, and repair businesses・ We use it only for the purpose of communication and efficient promotion of sales activities.

(3) In the case of entrusted personal information processing work for a patient, if personal information that has not been subjected to anonymization processing is unavoidably entrusted, a pledge regarding the personal information will be issued to the client and the entrusted work will be performed.

(4) Personal information obtained through recruitment activities will be used only for the purpose of recruitment activities.

(5) The personal information provided when you contact us will be used only for the purpose of responding to the inquiry.

(6) The Company, etc. shall use the videos and images taken at presentations, lectures, events, etc., on websites operated by the Company, etc. for the purpose of introducing the Company’s business (hereinafter referred to as “the Company’s site”) / SNS. May be posted on other websites. Also, we may use it for research and development conducted by our company.

(7) The Company, etc. may use the information obtained as public information for research and development conducted by the Company, etc.

4. Regarding the provision of personal data to third parties

The Company, etc. will not provide personal data held by third parties without the prior consent of the person except in the following cases.

(1) When based on laws and regulations

(2) For reporting / reporting to public offices and public institutions based on various laws and regulations

(3) When it is necessary to protect the life, body or property of a person and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person

(4) When it is particularly necessary to improve public health or promote the sound development of children and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the individual

(5) When it is necessary for a national institution, a local public entity, or a person commissioned by the government to cooperate in performing the affairs specified by laws and regulations, and with the consent of the person, When there is a risk of hindering performance

5. Joint use of personal data

We do not share personal information we hold.

6. Management of personal information

We securely store the personal information we collect or receive as a contractor under strict management. Regarding the handling of personal information, we will establish a manager in our company, identify the person in charge of each data including personal information, and perform appropriate management.

7. Implementation of safety measures

As measures necessary for the protection of personal information, education on personal information protection for all employees, mandatory installation of security software on all business-use PCs, formulation of PC security guidelines and regular checks on compliance status, and security of personal information I will act for the management.

8. About outsourcing personal information

When outsourcing the processing of personal information, we will provide the information only under an appropriate agreement on the protection of personal information, and will do so under our strict management and supervision.

9. About laws and regulations related to personal information

We will comply with laws and other regulations regarding personal information.

10. Handling of personal information on our site

(1) Use of cookies * 1, Web beacons * 2 and IP addresses * 3

We may use cookies, web beacons and IP addresses on our site for the following purposes:

A. To troubleshoot and resolve server failures and problems

B. To improve the content of websites, e-mails, etc.

C. To customize the content of websites and e-mails for individual users

D. To use as statistical data without identifying individuals

You can refuse to use cookies and Web beacons by our company by refusing to accept cookies in the settings of the Internet browsing software. However, in that case, there may be restrictions such as the inability to use some functions such as the customization function.

(2) Use of Google Analytics

Our site uses Google Analytics to understand usage. Google Analytics uses first-party cookies to collect access information. For information collected by Google Analytics, please review the Google Analytics Privacy Policy.

(3) Use of external services

If we use other external services to communicate with you, the terms of service and privacy policy for those external services will apply.

* 1: “Cookies” are identification information that the server sends to your browser for efficient operation of the website and is retained on the browser side.

* 2: “Web beacon” is a technology that uses cookies to obtain statistical information on access to specific web pages.

* 3: “IP address” is a number that can identify the computer that is accessing the server (you cannot identify the computer user).

11. Review

Regarding the handling of personal information, etc., we will review and improve the content of each of the above items as appropriate.

12. Contact

Please use the inquiry form to request disclosure / correction, complaints, and other communications regarding our company’s personal data.