News Release: Plusman Signed Exclusive Distribution Agreement with Bayer Yakuhin for Chest CT-AI Plus.Lung.Nodule

Tokyo, April 6, 2022 – In order to further contribute to diagnostic radiology, Plusman (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Yujiro Otsuka; hereinafter “Plusman”) has formed a business alliance with Bayer Yakuhin, Ltd. (Heaquarters: Osaka; President: Julio Triana, hereinafter ” Bayer Yakuhin”). Bayer Yakuhin has acquired the exclusive rights for the sale of Plusman’s diagnostic imaging support Artificial Intelligence (AI) software (Plus.Lung.Nodule) in Japan, developed by Plusman, that is advancing the field of radiographic diagnostic imaging.

Plus.Lung.Nodule is a programmed medical device that improves the visibility of lung nodules and mediastinal / hilar lymph nodes by displaying regions of interest (ROI). The sensitivity of Plus.Lung.Nodule is 98.3%1, and the analyzed data can be used in DICOM Grayscale Softcopy Presentation State (GSPS) format or Secondary Capture (SC) format can be sent to Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) for display and viewing in existing viewers. If even a portion of the lung field is included in a series of images, it can be analyzed, and the system also has an automatic tracking function for regions of interest in historical CT images, enabling to measure volume doubling time.

“Bayer Yakuhin is the only company that is a pioneer in the healthcare field as a drug discovery pharmaceutical company and has great strengths and achievements in medical devices in the diagnostic imaging field. Bayer Yakuhin is a strong partnership for Plusman, as our values are aligned in providing the best options for patients and doctors.” (Yujiro Otsuka, Co-founder/ CEO of Plusman)

“Plusman is a very strong partner for us with the philosophy of continuing to provide better value in the field of radiology. This collaboration will lead to the promotion of our diagnostic imaging support AI software business and diagnosis. We will continue to contribute to radiologists and their teams who continue to show a clear path from diagnosis to treatment. ” (Kelvin Wong, GM, Bayer Yakuhin Radiology Business)

Plusman focuses on the research and development of medical imaging AI based on mathematical engineering and actuarial science, including chest CT-AI, CXR-AI, deep learning image processing technology, and other “usable” tools that provide the robust, sharp, and intuitive functions that diagnostic imaging specialists require. 

With this business alliance with Bayer Yakuhin, we will further contribute to the health of patients in cooperation with diagnostic imaging specialists and all related healthcare professionals.


1: Suzuki K, el at. Academic Radiology. 2022; Volume 29, Supplement 2, S11-S17


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About Plusman LLC
Plusman was established with the mission of “making things that make dreams come true” for radiologists. We focus on research and development of medical diagnostic imaging, AI based on mathematical engineering, actuarial science , functions and capabilities required by diagnostic imaging specialists, e.g. chest CT-AI, CXR-AI, deep learning image processing technology, etc. We provide “usable” tools that are robust, sharp, and intuitive.
Representative: Yujiro Otsuka, Managing Partner


Plusman LLC
Tokyo, April 6, 2022 

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