Plus.Lung.Nodule is a software as a medical device (SaMD) with a function for indicating pulmonary regions of interest (ROIs). Plus.Lung.Nodule is designed to improve the visibility of lung nodules.

Users can change the ROI indication through standard values in the user settings. Users can also change the ROI name (DICOM standard) and indication style (such as outline color) in the system settings.

Plus.Lung.Nodule can process DICOM-series images that satisfy all of the following conditions: image resolution 512X512 or higher, both lung or each lung, maximum slice thickness 5mm and at least 32 slices. Plus.Lung.Nodule does not have functions for judging the clinical importance, urgency or malignancy of ROIs. The radiologist is responsible for determining if the ROI is a lesion of clinical significance.

Product Philosophy

Final defense

The radiologist is the final defense in radiology. The significance of Plus.Lung.Nodule is that it can bear some of the weight that radiologists feel when making a diagnosis.

Plus.Lung.Nodule was developed to minimize oversights, and thus false negatives, as its top priority.


False positives impact the efficiency of clinical work. Plus.Lung.Nodule employs many technologies to minimize false positives without sacrificing sensitivity.

Integration with people

Tools that use people are obsolete. Specialists choose tools they can really use.

We define convenience as providing a robust, high-performance and intuitive function that radiologists desire. We designed Plus.Lung.Nodule to serve as the radiologist’s second pair of eyes.

Clinical Performance

Sensitivity per average false positive is 98.3%.

Detection performance is generally evaluated with the free-response receiver operating characteristic (FROC) curve.

FROC curve significantly changes depending on conditions. A FROC curve cannot be compared with one made in a different condition.


On-premise: An on-premise server pushes the processing results as a Digital Imaging and COmmunications in Medicine (DICOM) PResentation state (PR) to an in-hospital Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS). DICOM PR follows the DICOM standard and is a file format that can be displayed on an in-hospital DICOM viewer.

Cloud-based: This method uses Plusman’s cloud-based server to receive CT images and return the results.

Product Information

General Name
System for providing general image diagnostics workstations
Brand Name
Accreditation Number
Plusman LLC

Note: Plus.Lung.Nodule is available for clinical use in Japan.